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Rowe Nutritional Fertilizer Program –Help for Starving Lawns


If your faded grass could speak it would say, “feed me.” Signs that your lawn is suffering from starvation include grass that appears pale green, or has begun to yellow. At this point, simply watering your lawn does not solve the problem. A starving lawn is desperately lacking in essential nutrients it needs such as nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Fertilizer is something we know a lot about, and we can help restore your lawn’s health by putting it on a regular fertilization program. We understand what type of nutritional fertilizer works best for your lawn, and what the best times to fertilize it are, which is why we recommend setting up a regular feeding schedule.

We do:

 Lawn Fertilizing

  Weed Control

  Grub Control

 Weekly Lawn Cutting

  Sodding and Overseeding

Weed Control –Put a Stop to Weeds Now


The biggest lawn care complaints we get from customers always seem to involve weeds. Yes, we agree that weeds are a big eyesore, in an otherwise beautiful lawn. Unfortunately, they can quickly get out of control, if not dealt with aggressively.

We can keep your lawn in pristine condition by implementing a weed prevention program using various weed control products and strategies.

Grub Control –Banish Them Forever


Grubs are those pesky beetle larvae that love feeding on the roots of turf grass, causing serious damage, which makes your grass literally wilt and turn brown. Ugh. We know they drive you mad.

Not only that, but sometimes raccoons, seeking an easy grub meal, spend the night digging holes all over your lawn. That means you have two problems to deal with.

This is a frustrating lawn nightmare that is all too common, but luckily, you can call us as soon as you suspect you’ve got a grub problem. We’ll provide quick and affordable solutions to get rid of grubs, and restore your lawn to pristine condition.
Contact us today to discuss how we can boost the health of your lawn and get it growing to its full potential.

Contact us today and set up an appointment so we can come to your home and analyze your lawn. We’ll then be able to offer you a variety of fertilizer options that specifically cater to your lawn’s needs. Ultimately, the fertilizer we select is based on the time of year, and pH level of your soil.