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Create and Maintain Your Showcase
Garden With Our Help

A beautiful garden is not only a showcase for all the lovely flowers you grow, it’s also an area of your home that creates a sense of peace and happiness. Let our Rowe team professionals help you with garden planning, planting and maintenance, so all you have to do is enjoy its beauty each day.

Garden Design and Build

Beautiful gardens don’t just happen – they need to be carefully planned in a way that enhances the appearance of your property.

Tell us what type of garden you desire:
Rock garden | Garden border build

Flower Planting

If you already have a garden, or simply want flowers in certain areas, we can plant annuals and perennials. Or, we can plant annuals/perennials only. Selection depends on availability.

Soil and Mulch Installation

We spread a high-grade mulch mixture around plants and flowers to protect delicate beds with young growing buds.


Rowe garden maintenance services include:

Soil turning and weeding | Garden border edging |Hedge and shrub trimming and shaping

We Can Customize Your Garden Services

Feel free to choose a stand-alone garden service, or add any of our garden services onto your weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly lawn care programs.


We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have concerning garden planning, planting or maintenance. We enjoy meeting with customers to discuss various plants and flowers, and any special needs they may have. Our team members also enjoy taking the time to become familiar with your garden, and any plants and flowers you currently have on display.

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