Patio Stone Powerwash and Seal

We Make Patio Weeds Disappear and Keep Them Away

There is nothing more irritating about having a nice patio than seeing it populated with weeds. It doesn’t matter how “weed-proof” the patio stones are supposed to be, because weeds are a constant menace to stone walkways. The truth is that patios require constant maintenance to prevent the growth of pesky weeds.

Why Does My Patio Have Weeds?

There is a misconception about how weeds grow between patio stone pavers. Many people assume the weeds start growing underneath the pavers, and then sprout out between paver cracks. This isn’t the case at all. Actually, weed seeds blow in from the yard, or surrounding areas, and nestle into the spaces between pavers, where they quickly grow and spread. This is another reason why you must prevent weeds from growing in your yard.

The Best Way to Get Rid of Patio Stone Weeds

We have an organic process that we use to rid your patio stones of existing weeds. We apply an organic weed killer, and then remove the dead weeds, dirt and moss using a high pressure power washer. Next, we apply sand to refill the joints, followed by a special acrylic based product that protect your stones and make them shine like new.

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