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Have you ever walked into your garden and thought to yourself, “I’m looking for something different?” Whether you are looking for some plant additions to your garden or a full renovation, knowing how to have a conversation about your property to narrow down your options is an important step in moving towards a garden you can enjoy!

However, with so many plant and garden styles to choose from, where do you start? Sometimes, you may have the perfect idea of your dream garden, but the conditions of your garden may not be suitable for that vision. First, pay attention to how much sun or shade your garden gets. Not every plant you find in the garden center will thrive in sun. Some will thrive in shade, while others may be able to tolerate a bit of both. Knowing the conditions your garden has is the first step in identifying what plants can go there.

The next thing you should consider when designing or consulting on your garden, are your color preferences. Some people like bright warm colors to brighten up their garden while others may prefer a more calm, deep look. Even if you do not have a preference, having an idea of what you are looking for in terms of garden style will really help move your garden design forward. More formal gardens may utilize border plants such as boxwoods or yews, while more natural gardens may use more wild plants such as coneflower or black eyed susan’s. Keep in mind, brainstorming ideas for your garden is not a clean process. Often design conversations will go back and forth, allowing for the creation of new ideas to form and revisions of old ones. This process helps the gardener and the homeowner to be on the

same page.

Whether you have knowledge in gardening or not, vocalizing what you like and what you do not, can be informative for someone designing your garden. Keeping in mind your budget will also be very helpful in determining what plants will be more appropriate for your unique situation. So whether you know exactly what you are looking for in your garden, or you are still deciding, use these tips to help move

towards a garden you can enjoy!

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