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You have just laid down fresh sod on your property. Now what?

To keep it looking its best, it will be crucial to water sod consistently, especially for the first few weeks. Early watering of new sod promotes better root to soil contact, eliminates air pockets and keeps moisture in the lawn which helps in preventing the sod from drying up.

The first two weeks after installation are the most critical:

Week 1:

For the first week, apply a quarter inch of water twice daily. For the best time of day, aim to water in the early morning and the late evening. In hot temperatures, water evaporates meaning watering in the heat of the day is not as effective for your lawn.

Week 2:

During the second week, apply half-inch of water once daily. Applying water at this amount will cause the roots to go deeper into the soil, establishing a deeper root system and a better drought tolerance. By the end of about the second week, the sod pieces should be forming together, and you should not be able to pull up the corners.

After the first two weeks, your sod should be more established. Watering is still important, but you can now adjust to a more normal lawn watering pattern. For the best result, ensure you water three times per week applying a half-inch each time. If rain is in the forecast, you can adapt accordingly. It is highly recommended to have an irrigation system for the best result.

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