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We provide sodding to many areas of the GTA. No job is too small or too large for our sodding teams.


​Our Process

The most important part of our process is our initial meeting with you to discuss your needs. Most times, sodding is paired with other garden work, or another landscaping service.

We’ll let you know exactly what type of sod procedure is best for your lawn and budget during our consultation.

Sodding and Overseeding - Give Your Lawn a Makeover

Sometimes a lawn has deteriorated so badly that it’s beyond normal repair. We can come in and completely remove the old lawn, and replace it by sodding your lawn with layers of fresh, green grass. This is a quick and easy way to enjoy a brand new beautiful lawn.

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You may need sodding if...

  • Your lawn is completely infested and over run by weeds

  • Your lawn is bumpy or uneven with many areas of diseased grass

  • Major construction and heavy equipment has done permanent damage to your lawn

  • You want a new lawn instantly

  • Whether you need an entire lawn resod, or just a few rolls to fix trouble spots, we have the expertise and tools to do the job.

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Lawn Overseeding

Overseeding is an alternative method to resodding that can give your lawn a boost, and help it become healthier, thicker and richer in color. It's also much more affordable.

Sounds great! But, how is this done?


​​Rowe overseeding service includes:

  • Cutting, raking and preparing the lawn, as needed

  • Spreading nutrient rich topsoil over the entire lawn

  • Application of grass seeds for complete coverage

  • Starter fertilizer to give your new seeds a growing boost

  • Instructions and advice on how to care for your new lawn

  • Follow-up and first grass cut, if required

Maintenance Service Areas: North York, Toronto, Forest Hill, Lawrence Park, Bridle Path and Hoggs Hollow, Bedford Park, Teddington Park.

Sodding Service Area: the entire GTA (Halton, Peel, York, Durham, Ciy of Toronto)

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Our steps to a NEW LAWN usually includes:

  • Weed killing and old lawn removal and dumping

  • Spreading of nutrient rich topsoil to help your new sod grow

  • Regrading where necessary to prevent water pooling and noticeable bumps in the lawn

  • Laying down farm fresh sod neatly with nice clean edges

  • Follow-up inspection, and on-going maintenance (must be in our service area for property maintenance)

We follow a time tested approach to sod installation and WARRANTY our work for clients with sprinkler systems.

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